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Cain Cares grants provide a degree of assistance for Cain Realty Group past clients, clients and their immediate families experiencing hardship as a result of a sudden emergency. Hardship is defined as a difficult circumstance that a person or family cannot handle without outside help.

characteristics of a cain cares grant

It is a one-time grant, except as special circumstances may dictate. It does not endeavor to resolve situations more appropriately funded by the government or other social institutions.

cain cares grant process
  • Grant applications received are evaluated to ensure the applicant meets eligibility requirements established in the Cain Cares Grants Policy.


  • Criteria: The applicant must be experiencing financial hardship due to an unexpected emergency that is not alleviated by any social or governmental agency, or another source.


  • Grant applications and supporting documentation are reviewed by the Cain Cares board members to determine if the applicant can be determined to be in financial need due to an unexpected emergency.


  • Grant applications for family members of Cain Realty Group current and past clients are not considered without the signature of the actual Cain Realty Group current or past client.


  • The reviewer(s) contacts the applicant for any missing information and for any needed clarification.


  • The reviewer(s) summarizes the grant request and makes a recommendation to the board which serves as the selection committee.


  • Grant recommendations are submitted to the board at scheduled meetings or electronically as needed. Board votes are received and tallied. It is necessary for a majority of the Board to approve a grant.


  • Unless the Board makes an exception for situations in which an applicant is in a dire life-threatening situation that would worsen without financial assistance, grant awards are capped at $10,000.


  • Because grants are meant to be a helping hand and not totally eliminate the need; grants are awarded at 75% of the determined need, unless the Board makes an exception.


  • Note that there is a flat $5,000 award for funerals/burials that aren’t subject to the 75% limit.  If funeral expenses are less than $5,000, the recipient will be awarded the amount necessary to cover the bill.


  • Upon approval of a majority of the Board, the applicant is notified of the grant and the amount of the grant award.


  • The reviewer or other staff member generates a Funds Request form for the amount of the grant.


  • Cain Cares generates a grant check or initiates a wire transfer.


  • The check is signed by an authorized signatory.

  • The check is sent, usually via FedEx to the grant recipient with a cover letter, or the check may be hand-delivered.


  • If a family member of a past or current Cain Realty Group client, the recipient’s family member also will receive a copy of the cover letter.


  • A hard copy file of the application, all documentation, and other information gathered during the review and approval process are maintained in a locked file cabinet.


  • A record of Board members’ votes for each grant request is included in the file.

Who is eligible for a Cain Cares grant

Eligibility for past and current Cain Realty Group clients: Eligibility extends to their spouse or domestic partner, children, step children, parents and parents-in-law, siblings and siblings-in-law.

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